September 27, 2020 Remote Monthly Zoom Meeting with Rudy Lopez Demonstrating

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Date(s) - 09/27/2020
12:30 pm - 4:00 pm


Rudy Lopez, nationally know woodturner, will provide a live interactive remote demonstration on turning a natural edge wing bowl from a half log at the Sept 27, 2020 remote meeting.  His demonstrations are lively and engaging resulting in a memorable learning experience.

Rudy will be turning a thin natural edge wing bowl from a green log or crotch section. Design and layout considerations regarding limb orientation, crotch figure, keeping or eliminating features or flaws in the wood will be covered. The basics of bevel-supported cuts along with two of the most important fundamentals of turning – sharp tools and good tool control will be emphasized. Turning thin allows the wood to warp and move which influences the final piece and helps avoid cracking.  He will explain using and sharpening Negative Rake scrapers, their benefits, and how safe they are to use. Sanding wet wood both on and off of the lathe along with different finishing techniques will also be covered.

The demonstration is free to all paid members of the WTSTL.  Everyone is invited to participate; however, non-members must purchase a ticket for $10 by September 24, 2020.   Click here to register for the event.

Hope you will join us for the IRD!