Past Programs

St. Louis Woodturners ~ Programs


Pres. Ken Schaefer, VP Dave Skinner, Sec.Tres. Virginia Toone

(newsletters by Ken Schaefer)

01/04/93  Bob Schmitz – green wood bowl by face plate and jam chuck

Fletcher Hartline – green wood bowl by roughing between centers, leaving

plug on bottom, then holding plug w/nova chuck

Tom Hutchinson – maker of HUT finish; how to use it & turning of wooden

barrels for pens

Five lathes going for hands-on


03/28/93  Herb Bilgram – use of Ring Master w/segmented bowls

Gary Johnson – segmented and decorated bowls


04/25/93  Fletcher Hartline – mushrooms from green wood


05/23/93  Ewald Altmann & Ken Schaefer – bracelets and napkin rings.  Three methods:

8 pieces glued, segmented G.Johnson style, and continuous strips.


06/25/93  Bob Schmitz & Ewald Altmann – small turnings w/hands-on

John Buehrer – making straight and bent tools w/ machine tool bits


07/25/93  Bob Schmitz, Dave Skinner & Ken Schaefer – inside-out turnings


08/22/93  Fletcher Hartline – shear scraping


09/26/93  Binh Pho – collector’s kaleidoscopes


10/24/93  Tom Tyler – chatter work


11/28/93  Mike Lach, Ewald Altmann & Ken Schaefer – Christmas ornaments


12/11/93  Alan Lacer Seminar










St. Louis Woodturners ~ Programs


Pres. Dave Skinner, VP Gary Johnson, Sec.Tres. Virginia Toone

(newsletters by Dave Skinner)




01/23/94  hands-on making of a hook tool


02/27/94  Gary Johnson & Fletcher Hartline—sharpening and using the hook tool


03/27/94  Woodworking Unlimited (Shopsmith) Store—Ken Schaefer, Fletcher Hartline,

Bob Schmitz & Dave Skinner instructing basic spindle woodturning


04/24/94  Fletcher Hartline—multi-centered turning

Binh Pho—French polishing


05/22/94  Ken Schaefer—vacuum chucking

Ethan Schumann—thread cutting

Gary Johnson—bolo ties


06/26/94  Ken Schaefer & Bob Schmitz—tops and chatterwork


07/24/94  Gary Johnson—report on AAW Symposium

Tom Tyler—report on Challenge Five

Fletcher Hartline—use of a strobe light in turning


08/28/94  Dave Skinner—small lidded boxes & tagua nuts


09/24/94  Gallery Show at Woodcraft with demo turning



10/23/94  Dave Skinner—Christmas ornaments, then hands-on


11/27/94  Hans Neumann—face plate turning a plate

Fletcher Hartline—bowl turning

then hands-on







St. Louis Woodturners ~ Programs


Pres. Gary Johnson, VP Dave Wahl, Sec.Tres. Virginia Toone

(newsletters by Virginia Toone)

01/22/95  Fletcher Hartline—tool sharpening


02/26/95  Small turnings on small lathes—Carba Tec & Klein hands-on

Dave Skinner—tagua nut turning


03/26/95  Herb Bilgram & Gary Johnson—segmented turning


04/23/95  Dave Wahl & Binh Pho—photographing your work

Fletcher Hartline—one on one instruction for beginning turners


06/04/95  Harold Thornburg—metal spinning


06/25/95  Fletcher Hartline—turning spheres


07/23/95  Ken Schaefer—turning goblets


08/27/95  Dave Wahl—hollowing hints of David Ellsworth’s technique

two lathes for hands-on


09/–/95  1st Joy of Turning:  Alan Lacer,  Bonnie Klein, Clay Foster & J. Paul Fennel


10/22/95  Dave Skinner & Gary Johnson—Christmas ornaments


11/26/95  Fletcher Hartline – turning green wood















St. Louis Woodturners ~ Programs


Pres. Dave Wahl, VP Gary Johnson, Sec.Tres. Virginia Toone till 4/96, then Jim Wulfers

Newsletter Editor Chuck Dombek




01/28/96  Binh Pho – coloring wood


02/25/96  Dean Hooks – hollow turning w/homemade tools

Elaine Navarro – duplicating pieces for a chess set


03/24/96  Bob Schmitz – segmented hot air balloons & segmented bracelets



04/28/96  Gary Johnson – laminated, segmented, stacked ring construction for producing

bowls & hollow forms


05/19/96  Fletcher Hartline, Binh Pho, Randy Glasco – contemporary teapots (from a

Michael Hosaluk Arrowmont class)


06/23/96  Hans Neumann – plates & wine bottle stoppers


07/28/96  Provo Conference, National Conference & Arrowmont information


08/25/96  John Buehrer – open bowls with the David Ellsworth grind


09/14/96  2nd Joy of Turning Symposium:  David Ellsworth, Allen Stirt, Bonnie Klein,

Todd Hoyer, Fletcher Hartline


10/27/96  reverse chucking


11/22/96  Fletcher Hartline – spindle shear scraping













St. Louis Woodturners ~ Programs


Pres. Fletcher Hartline, VP Dean Hooks, Sec.Tres. Jim Wulfers

Corresponding Sec. Dave Wahl

Newsletter Editor Chuck Dombek


01/26/97  Fletcher Hartline & Randy Glasco—shear scraping on spindle; hands-on


02/–/97  Fletcher Hartline & Randy Glasco—shear scraping on bowls; hands-on


03/–/97  Fletcher Hartline – hand finishing lacquer w/hands-on


04/27/97  John Buehrer – types and grinds of roughing and spindle gouges


05/25/97  Elaine Navarro & Ken Schaefer – long stemmed flowers w/green wood


06/–/97  Gary Johnson – segmented bowls and reversible hollow forms

Dave Wahl – reverse chucking bowls with inside/outside jams


07/27/97  Herb Bilgram – inside-outside turnings

Demo on skews


08/24/97  Dave Wahl—cup turning

Dean Hooks—(special presentation)


09/13/97  3rd Joy of Turning Symposium:  Michael Hosaluk, John Jordan, Johannes

Michelson, Betty Scarpino, Leonard Hartline


10/26/97  Dixi Smith – spiral candlesticks

Dave Wahl – Raffan technique of hollowing an egg cup w/ spindle gouge


11/23/97  Fletcher Hartline – multi-axis turning, triangular shapes using shims and

beginners session of spindle turning











St. Louis Woodturners ~ Programs


Pres. John Buehrer, VP Gary Johnson, Sec.Tres. Jim Wulfers

Newsletter Editor Gary Johnson

01/25/98  Jim Bliss – hollow turned Christmas ornaments w/ longitudinal slots in walls


02/22/98  Ernie Guhl – turning miniature

John Buehrer and Joe Emons – bowl gouge sharpening


03/22/98  Ken Schaefer & Bob Schmitz – hands-on session for door stops


04/26/98  John Buehrer – turning a natural edge bowl


05/17/98  buy, sell, swap session


06/28/98  Hans Neumann – bottle stoppers & reverse turning bowl bottoms


07/26/98  Binh Pho – Raffin turned boxes


08/23/98  Fletcher Hartline – turning tool handles

Steve Levit – polish w/ a mirror finish


09/26/98  Joy of Turning:  Dave Hout


10/25/98  Joe Emons, Fletcher Hartline, John Buehrer, Gary Johnson & Mario Vitale

hollowing tools


11/22/98  John Heatherington – photographing your work














St. Louis Woodturners ~ Programs


Pres. John Buehrer, VP Gary Johnson, Sec.Tres. Jim Wulfers

Newsletter Editor Gary Johnson

01/24/99  Ken Schaefer – thin turning


02/28/99  hands-on top turning


03/21/99  Ray Key Day of Woodturning


04/25/99  AAW Collaborative bird cage workshop


05/23/99  End grain turning


06/–/99  Ken Schaefer – duplicate turnings; mosquito houses


07/25/99  Gary Johnson – open segmented vessels


08/22/99  Bill Hammann & John Buehrer – Woodcut Bowl Saver, Stewart System Slicer,

McNaughton center saving system


09/26/99  Bill Rubenstein – discourse on exotic woods


10/24/99  Craig Lossing Demonstration


11/28/99  Fletcher Hartline – turning a long spindle and duplicating spindles

















St. Louis Woodturners ~ Programs


Pres. Bill Rubenstein, VP Mario Vitale, Tres. Jim Wulfers, Sec. Elaine Navarro

Newsletter Editor Gary Johnson

Conference Coordinator John Buehrer

01/23/00  Mario Vitale – turning a desk clock


02/27/00  Bill Rubenstein – turning mallets


03/26/00  Binh Pho – thin turning and piercing

04/30/00  Rara Avis Schaeferii – a party to honor our club founder, Ken Schaefer,

plus a hands-on egg turning fest


05/20/00  Richard Raffan JOT 2000


06/25/00  Roger Branson – chain saw operation


07/23/00  Andy & Allie Seckinger – seam rippers


08/27/00  Fletcher Hartline – using found wood


09/23/00  Vic Wood JOT 2000


10/22/00  Binh Pho – metal leaf gilding


11/26/00  John Buehrer – hollow ball X-mas ornaments


















St. Louis Woodturners ~ Programs


Pres. Bill Rubenstein, VP Mario Vitale, Sec.Tres. Elaine Navarro

Newsletter Editor Gary Johnson

Conference Coordinator John Buehrer

01/28/01  Mario Vitale – bottle stoppers


02/25/01  Bill Rubenstein – hands-on tool handles


03/03/01  Han Weissflog – JOT 2001


03/25/01  Fletcher Hartline – back to basics


04/22/01  John Buehrer – chucking methods


05/27/01  Joe Emons – laser pointer turning


06/24/01  Hands-on basics


07/22/01  Bill Rubenstein – safety & end grain boring


08/26/01  New Delta lathe demo & Oryoki set request


09/23/01  Marion Rood – pens & whistles


10/28/01  Fred Tolley – Xmas ornaments


12/02/01  Ernie Guhl – hands-on turning tops, year end party















St. Louis Woodturners ~ Programs


Pres. Mario Vitale, VP Gary Johnson, Sec.Tres. Elaine Navarro

Newsletter Editor Marion Rood

Conference Coordinator John Buehrer

01/20/02  Mike Mahoney JOT 2002


02/24/02  Mario Vitale—copper inlay


03/24/02  Ray Koenemann—coloring wood


04/28/02  Fletcher Hartline—woodturning basics


05/26/02  Marion Rood—vacuum chucking


06/23/02  Roger Branson—how to cut found wood


07/28/02  John Buehrer—the skew


08/25/02  Gary Johnson—segmented turning


09/22/02  hands-on basic tool handling at four lathes guided by

Mario Vitale, Ernie Guhl, Bill Rubenstein & John Buehrer


10/27/02  Mario Vitale—Christmas ornaments:  hollow sphere & inside/outside turning


11/24/02  Dave Endres—Bottle stoppers
















St. Louis Woodturners ~ Programs



Pres. Mario Vitale, VP Dixi Smith, Sec.Tres. Elaine Navarro

Newsletter Editor Kyle Nolan

Conference Coordinator John Buehrer




01/26/03  Rawlings Sporting Goods—baseball bats


02/23/03  Ray Koeneman—colors & airbrush


03/23/03  John Buehrer—beginners techniques


04/28/03  Ernie Guhl—miniature turning


05/18/03  Mario Vitale—turning a natural edge bowl

(Sec. Bill Farny, Treasurer Stan King, Newsletter Editor Elaine Navarro)

06/22/03  Bill Rubenstein—tool and chuck making


07/27/03  Gary Johnson & Dave Endres—hands on top making/spinning contest