Nick Agar


Nick Agar demonstrated at the club on April 12, 2014 and then hosted hands-on workshops on April 13 and 14, 2014.  See the April 2014 newsletter for more information on the event.

A step by step pictorial of Nick turning a Viking sunset bowl can be found on the web at:–tutorials/viking-sunset-bowl.pdf.

Nick used various items for texturing and coloring his turnings.  Sources for leather punches and gilting paste are shown below:

1) (Nick did mention Tandy as a source for punches, but not decorative ones)

2)    Tandy does have a store at 13078 Tesson Ferry Rd in South County

3)  (including nice looking animal track punches)

4) (PJTOOLS sells punches from Impressart, as do several other sources.  Impressart stamps tend to be small, but the selection is large; also available through Amazon)

5) (again, fairly small punches)

6) (looks intriguing, but from China)

7)    Ebay has some unique stuff, including

8) (enter “Stamps” in keyword search; less expensive, different selection; requires tool to hold some punches; perhaps too intricate for wood?)


10) (Can’t forget